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Over the years we have found that many individuals do not fully understand all the available options to find the long-term care or services they require, and/or if they do, they are not exactly sure where to find those services. That's where we come in!

Our consulting and matching services are truly one of a kind. Through these services, we first teach about all the available options for the care or services required. Then, once we know and understand our clients needs, we match you or your loved one with a qualified provider who can perform those services. This service allows us to take the time and hassle out of our clients hands in order to find the care we know you deserve.

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Meet Stephen Capranica

Stephen Capranica is the founder, CEO, and vision behind Fortitude Health Solutions. Stephen grew up around the medical field his entire life but up until a few years ago never envisioned himself actually working in the field. It was fate that brought him on this journey. In need of a job while in college, Stephen took a job working as a caregiver with an 89 year old man. It only took him a few months to fall in love with caregiving and just a few more to make a career out of it. Its been almost 7 years since that first client and Stephen now dedicates his life to helping others. It is his utmost passion. That passion is the driving force behind everything Fortitude does. Stephen's goal is to create a company people can rely on to find the care and/or services they deserve. With the use of technology and a great team around him, that goal is being made into a reality.


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